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Moto Trips in MoroccoMoto Trips in Morocco: was founded in 2022. Since its inception, the only goal has been that all off-road driving enthusiasts have the opportunity to live an adventure on the old Dakar road, but always under their own safety. We made people happy with these trips we organized.

All our trips are guided by our expert guides so as not to leave anything to chance at any time and to be able to reach places through routes that only he knows.

Moto Trips in Morocco is recognized and valued for organizing unique tours. In them, you travel from one point of the country to another along the best tracks that lead to the most emblematic sites of Morocco. We live authentic adventures, and we are not satisfied with our clients taking a look at the adventure with walks through closed circuits. We want them to experience it. Due to our ability to adapt and the almost infinite variety of tours that we are able to organize, most of our clients come back year after year. Morocco is a country whose diversity of landscapes is unique, so you will always want to return


Tour in moto two wheelsOur mission is to provide options for motorcycle tours, Moto Trips in Morocco Tours offers motorcycle tours. Our tours will take you through unique Moroccan outdoor landscapes and offer one-of-a-kind cultural and travel experiences in motorcycles in the desert that follow the ancient Dakar routes

The objective of our agency “Moto Trips in Morocco” is to awaken the desire and the pleasure of discovery, in an atmosphere of tolerance.

Traveling with us is also a guarantee of access to the best, in total safety, and also to touch a uniquely human experience: our teams are equipped for a real encounter with those who make all the charm and magic of Morocco.

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