Mountain Biking in the Morocco desert

Mountain Biking in the desert of Morocco
We make our passion… your happiness 

Moto Trips in Morocco is a leading company in organizing sports leisure trips in the Moroccan desert.

Discover the magic of the Moroccan desert with your bicycle and accompanied by your best friends.

We organize tailor-made routes,  and you can also attend our standard routes: Saharatlas in its different modalities (360 or 300 km), departing from different airports in Morocco

If you want to get to know the Moroccan desert practicing your favorite sport, but with the comforts of a leisure trip,
we have the best offers and routes in the sports leisure market in the region.

If you have always wanted to participate in one of the races in the Moroccan desert, but you do not know if you will be able to reach its high competitive level, participate in one of our specific trips, in which you will be able to learn more about the terrain and prepare for the next one. level, with your partner, friend, neighbor, colleague…

If you are a warrior girl and would like to try a different route, full of emotions and adventure, sign up for our “girls only Bikes.

For the less athletic but also adventurous, we have a tour through the desert in 4×4. Don’t worry if you don’t have a complete terrain. We offer you the possibility of renting a quality 4×4 so you can enjoy the desert and the majestic Atlas Mountains. Spend a different week and reveal your most adventurous side with us.

If you have a company and would like to do something special with your employees, visit our section, Moto Trips in Morocco companies.

To request more information or any questions you need, do not hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp.

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